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Divorce is more than just the decision to end a relationship.  It is a time of transition that is full of issues that need to be resolved.

Alison Crane Law can save you time, money, and energy by helping you avoid missteps while you are navigating this new path.


Solving problems out of court saves time and money.  It also gives you more say in the case outcome.

Alison Crane Law has negotiated hundreds of mediations and can use that expertise to help you.


The court orders that may have worked in the past, may no longer work for you or your family now.

Alison Crane Law can help you update or change those orders to better suit your current needs.

Temporary Orders

Court moves slowly and sometimes you just cannot wait.  Your family needs legal intervention as soon as possible.

Alison Crane Law can work with you to obtain temporary orders quickly, so you have enforceable orders in place while the underlying case plods along.


At times, people disregard court orders, and you are left feeling frustrated and concerned but unsure what to do.

Alison Crane Law can help you enforce the prior orders, so you can ensure your family has the stability and predictability that you deserve.

Dependency / Child abuse

Child abuse cases are highly charged but involve many issues beyond emotions.  A skillful guide can help steer you through the often choppy waters of a dependency action.

At Alison Crane Law, we have navigated the child abuse process for years and know how to keep you on course.  

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